``Where Kids Come To Know, Grow, and Show God's Love``

Ages: Nursery to 6th Grade

At the Cove we want your kids to have fun growing in the love of God.  It is our goal that your kids have a relationship with God, grow in him, and have fun doing it! 

Knowing Him

The Cove family are people called to share the love of God with each kid God brings to the Cove. We want each little person to be confident in knowing Him for themselves.

Growing in Him

At the Cove, we are committed to investing in the spiritual growth of each child from birth to 6th grade. We do this through engaging worship music and activities in a safe environment.

Showing His Love

At the cove fun is contagious! We encourage our kids to have fun, smile big, and be yourself.  It’s the safe place for little people!

Challenge Accepted

Great sports moments tend to involve people who accepted a big challenge, one that required courage and an ability to keep going. This month, kids will have fun using sports to learn about ways they can say yes to challenges bravely. Jesus accepted many challenges, and the stories we know about him can help kids walk through whatever they are facing. Let’s cheer on every kid to be able to say: Jesus takes care of me, Jesus shows me the truth, Jesus helps me when I’m tempted, Jesus understands my challenges.

Elementary Kids
Preschool Kids